"This book changed my life." Elder Myers, Warren, Michigan

"I am using these books in my marriage counseling sessions." Dr. Jackson, Southfield, Michigan

​"I wish I  read this book before I broke up with my boyfriend." Theresa, Seattle, Washington.



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Life-changing Books

The Truth about the Superior Lie: A Book to Resurrect the Lives of African-Americans Crucified by the Lie!  By Rev. Seatts-Ogletree

This practical and insightful book reveals the truth about the "lie," the "Superior Lie" that one race of people is better than another.  It provides a passionate reading on institutional racism, and the historical and current methodologies to destroy the black man and the black family.  The author, an educator and pastoral theologian reveals the hidden figures of blacks in the Holy Bible from the beginning of time.  There is a heavy black/African presence in the Holy Bible.  This book clearly dispels the erroneous teaching that blacks were slaves because they were cursed.  This book is full of history, narrative and personal reflection and beautifully illustrates there is only one Superior One and that is God.  Drawing on the history of blacks/Africans in the Bible, and our ancestors' victory over slavery, the author skillfully and compassionately illuminates how some of our people have allowed freedom to enslave them!  Her courageous text not only identifies the problems, it offers practical solutions for renewed hope, victory & success. This book will encourage & educate all. This is an awesome instrument for at-risk youth, the incarcerated, educators, youth groups, Sunday School, and small groups.  Knowledge is power!

"My New Life: A Handbook for Born-again Believers," By Rev. Seatts-Ogletree

My New Life handbook endeavors to offer believers an overview of what it truly means to be a “born-again Christian and live a victorious life.  My New Life is not an “academic” book; it is a practical guide written in simple terms that are applicable to your daily life.
Many times, new believers in Christ don’t know what it means to be a Christian. 

My New Life is a simple, easy-to-read book that will enlighten born-again believers that being “saved” doesn’t mean life is going to be free of challenges, trouble, and problems. However, as a born-again believer in Christ you have access to El Shaddai, the Lord God Almighty, and surely, He’s able to provide you with everything you need for a victorious life.

It is our hope that after you read this book, your hunger and thirst will intensify for studying and meditating upon God’s Word.  May God bless and keep you on this awesome journey of victory and freedom in Jesus Christ.

"Did I Say That? How to Communicate in Everyday Life,"by Rev. Seatts-Ogletree 

This life-changing book is helping people improve their verbal and non-verbal communication.  This practical, small book is packed with common communication mistakes we make on a daily basis, and proven solutions that will improve your daily interactions. Order your copy today at www.amazon.com.

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